Vigilante was established in 2010, in Buffalo, New York, USA, and has invested heavily to build deep knowledge and expertise in simulation visualization technologies and delivery. In addition to our hands-on experience delivering cutting-edge projects with the latest technologies to exacting industry standards, Vigilante is a market leader in content creation, military visualization, and rapid prototyping.



Vigilante is committed to building and expanding our 3D content libraries across multiple software platforms. The level of detail and quality that we invest in visual fidelity and function is second to none.
Our most recent work can be found on the Unreal Engine Marketplace. Vigilante was awarded an Epic MegaGrant to supply the simulation community with free ready-to-use assets that are DIS / HLA (RPR FOM) compliant.
Our core capabilities also include Co-Development services for diverse technologies, including Unreal Engine, Unity, CryEngine, Titan IM, Frostbyte, and VBS 3 and 4. 

As an example, we are currently partnered with L3Harris, developing HAWK-I which is a Virtual Reality (VR) vehicle inspection training product based exclusively in Unreal Engine 4 for US based enterprise and government clients. (More information available on request.)



Vigilante is also partnered with Plan A Collective for creation of advanced character and cinematic content. Through this collaboration, we have created exotic creatures for 20th Century Fox and Capcom, while also creating VR procedure trainers for ODS, and high precision vehicle replicas for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Our creative and artistic skills add to the outstanding quality of visuals that are provided to all our customers as Vigilante.



Developing new products can be a risky and expensive prospect. Vigilante also offers rapid prototyping of proof-of-concept applications to help reduce costs and risk before starting full development. Rapid prototyping allows for a smooth, seamless and time efficient process for client approval and reducing risk to project execution timelines. It also allows for low-cost product exploration of ideas to help refine exact requirements and build a clear vision of product expectations.  Our process includes thorough client review and approval workflows before the roadmap to product delivery is defined. Rapid prototyping enables our clients to have confidence that we understand their unique needs, as well as the process and delivery required to deliver their work on-target and on schedule.



At Vigilante we are glad to accommodate the Project Management methodologies used by our diverse client base. Whether your teams leverage traditional Waterfall, or Agile methodologies, we have certified team members able to assist with aligning our planning and delivery workflows with your milestones and outcomes. As two examples, our current teams with L3Harris currently use Agile Scrum for iterative development, our CapCom team leverages Milestone-based Waterfall planning for phase-based delivery gateways.



In collaboration with L3Harris we have created HAWK-I, which is a Virtual Reality (VR) based inspection and maintenance trainer created exclusively in Unreal Engine 4. It allows L3Harris to help their clientele train inspectors and vehicle drivers to properly identify and report abnormal conditions and faults according to FMCSA commercial vehicle inspection regulations. The HAWK-I system also performs assessments of driver inspection skills, then scores and tracks the results with reporting and metrics for HR follow-up.



As part of our ongoing collaboration with Epic and the Unreal Marketplace, Vigilante is developing our simulation assets to be HLA and DIS compliant (including their SISO references). We deliver models to NATO standards and to individual national standards, such as the US DoD’s Interface Standards.
We work primarily in Unreal Engine 4 and C++ to deliver truly next generation simulation assets. In addition, we have extensive experience with Unity and many proprietary engines and tools. In the end, Vigilante will recommend and leverage the right tools for your project. We understand that each of our clients have unique requirements, so if you have other needs, let us know.

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