We are continually working on new high-fidelity content.

You will be able to access our models on the @UnrealEngine @EpicGames library.

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At Vigilante, we deliver to each of our client's individual needs. We know that our work is your reputation. We always create high-fidelity content without compromising on functionality. Our team is your team. #Teamwork #MilitarySimulation Vigilanteus1 photo

"The sky's the limit. We know what needs to be built." - CEO Chris Torchia @ctorchia talking at DSET 2021 about where Vigilante is going next. #MilitarySimulation #ContentLab #Interoperability Vigilanteus1 photo

You don't have to choose fidelity over functionality. We prioritise both when creating content for our clients. Talk to us

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Drivers of change.
We believe in the importance of affordable training for those who serve in difficult and dynamic environments.
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