Vigilante was established in 2010, in Buffalo, New York, USA. This year we are celebrating our 10th anniversary. Vigilante has a deep knowledge and expertise in simulation visualisation technologies and delivery. 

We were founded by a team who are gamers from the ground up. From the beginning we have been as passionate about the creativity and visualisation of our ideas, as we are about the precision of the engineering behind the models and games involved. 

This has led us naturally into the Defense space, where Vigilante creates functionally-precise and visually unparalleled content for simulation industry leaders.

Our expertise encompasses Art, Animation, and Co-Dev for widespread technology, including VBS, VBS Blue, and Unreal Engine. Since 2014 we continue to push the quality of defense programs across Europe and North America.


In 2019 Vigilante partnered with Plan A Collective which has 3 studios in Europe - VFX/Cinematic (Budapest), Animation studio (Barcelona), Asset creation (Prague). Vigilante simultaneously creates alien monsters for Capcom while creating VR procedure trainers for ODS. Our creative and artistic skills add to the outstanding quality of visuals that are provided to all of our customers.


Rapid prototype creation allows a smooth, seamless and time efficient process for client approval and refinement of model creation. Exploration of ideas and exact requirements are established to form a clear brief.  Thorough client review and approval before developing into final versions. Rapid Prototyping enables our clients to have complete confidence that we understand their unique needs, and in the process and delivery of our products and services.


We want to know what your needs are and how we can help. There is an answer to every question and dialogue opens the path to superior results. When we understand your training audience and their requirements, we are relentless in our drive to fulfil your ambition. Once in production, our clients are aware of every step of development. We are your transparent, engaged, and dependable partner.


We are developing our models to be HLA and DIS compliant. We do and can deliver models to NATO standards and to individual national standards, such as the US DoD’s Interface Standards.

To develop our applications, our experienced team uses state of the art tools. We work primarily in Unreal Engine 4 and C++ to deliver truly next generation software but we have expansive experience with Unity and many proprietary engines and tools - we will use what is right for the project. We know our clients require custom solutions, so if you have other needs, let us know.

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