Vigilante was established in 2010, in Buffalo, New York, USA. This year we are celebrating our 10th anniversary. Vigilante has a deep knowledge and expertise in simulation visualisation technologies and delivery. 

We were founded by a team who are gamers from the ground up. From the beginning we have been as passionate about the creativity and visualisation of our ideas, as we are about the precision of the engineering behind the models and games involved. 

This has led us naturally into the Defense space, where Vigilante creates functionally-precise and visually unparalleled content for simulation industry leaders.

Our expertise encompasses Art, Animation, and Co-Dev for widespread technology, including VBS, VBS Blue, and Unreal Engine. Since 2014 we continue to push the quality of defense programs across Europe and North America.


“Working with the Vigilante team is key to helping us with virtual vehicle development and digital content creation for our immersive training solutions. Our VR training product would not be market ready without their team’s unparalleled level of creativity, agility, production management, and UE expertise.”

Matt Derby

Product Manager, L3Harris


“In the simulation context, content is king, lots of programmers and experts are starting to use Unreal Engine and sometimes are worried about starting from scratch. By providing this comprehensive and free library to use a springboard, Vigilante is lowering the barrier and allowing users to focus on the semantics of their simulation applications rather than on creating true to life visual representation of their entities.”

Sébastien Lozé

Industry Manager – Simulations, Unreal Engine, Epic Games


"Vigilante goes above and beyond to provide a professional, prompt, andreliable service. From initial order to final delivery, they make every step of the process easy and stress-free. I can rely on them to not only meet my requirements for artwork specification, but to do so in a timely and transparent manner. Vigilante has adapted well to the processes that we use at BISim, and they feel like a natural extension of the in-house art team"

Mark Lacey

Director of Art - Bohemia Interactive Simulations


"Vigilante really delivers - communication throughout and a final product that can't be beat. Egos are left at the door, which is really refreshing. We were looking for an outsourcing partner that could provide guidance and also approach us with integrity. We found Vigilante was not only 100% transparent with their pricing, but also, they would put the product in our hands as soon as they could. The set the bar high from day one and have never backed down from it. We expect Vigilante to be going strong for many years to come with that kind of attitude toward business and service"

Chris Greig

CEO at Offworld Defense Simulation



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