We were founded by a team who are gamers from the ground up. From the beginning we have been as passionate about the creativity and visualisation of our ideas, as we are about the precision of the engineering behind the models and games involved.

This has led us naturally into the Defense space, where Vigilante creates functionally-precise and visually unparalleled content for simulation industry leaders. Our expertise encompasses Art, Animation, and Co-Dev for widespread technology, including VBS, VBS Blue, and Unreal Engine. Since 2014 we continue to push the quality of defense programs across Europe and North America.

We constantly work to maintain a position at the cutting edge of relevant technologies. We are genuinely innovative in our approach, development and delivery - it’s a core value that we are vigilant throughout our work to deliver the highest quality of product or service in a way that is of best value to our clients.

Vigilante has a deep knowledge and expertise in simulation visualisation technology and delivery and we are committed to maintaining a strong research and development focus in all of our activities.

We have employed a highly skilled workforce with very lean management overheads, to be the provider that is reliable, consistent and delivers quality to reduce risk, cost and future project costs. We know and understand that our clients are often not the direct end-user of our products and services, that we are often a part of a much bigger and complicated system, so we give them the benefit of peace of mind whilst they focus on their customer.


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