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Simulation Software Development

Vigilante is ready to help you develop your custom software to turn your ideas into an efficient immersive training experience.
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Simulation Software Development

We understand that every project is different, that is why we are here to develop custom software.

Our experienced developers are here to help you create a complete immersive training solution.

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VR Technical Trainer

Time is money, that’s is why it’s very likely that our Virtual Reality (VR) trainer might be able to help reduce your company’s cost by improving the training experience.

VR Technical Trainer
Unreal Marketplace
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Epic Content

Save weeks (if not months) of time by leveraging our existing assets available for free at the Epic Unreal Marketplace.

Our simulation assets are HLA and DIS compliant. Our models are also crafted to NATO and US DOD’s Interface Standards.

Click the button below to see them.

and in case you don’t find the asset you need for your project, fill out the  contact form at the bottom of this page to see how we can help you.

Working with the Vigilante team is key to helping us
with virtual vehicle development and digital content creation for our immersive training solutions. Our VR training product would not be market ready without
their team’s unparalleled level of creativity, agility,
production management, and UE expertise.

Matt Derby

Product Manager, L3Harris

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are proud to be from the US. Our offices can be found in 2025 Guadalupe St. Suite 260 Austin, Texas, USA

Yes of course, you can head to the Epic Unreal Marketplace to see most of our latest work.
Also soon you will be able to see the newest content in our own marketplace.

Yes, our assets are DIS/HLA (RPR FOM) compliant. Our models are also created to NATO standards as well.

Our core capabilities also include Co-Development services for diverse technologies, including Unreal Engine, Unity, CryEngine, Titan IM, Frostbyte, and VBS 3 and 4.


In the end, Vigilante will recommend and leverage the right tools for your project.

We are here to serve you and your team

To get your immersive training started, please fill out this brief form so that we can learn how we can help you the best.